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Is the Bible a collection of myths?
If so, why is it banned from America's public schools?

We do not ban Greek mythology.
Then why ban these ancient writings?

Is it because the Bible is far more than myth?

Can it be that the Bible's triples help clarify the CERTAINTY of its mission and message?
Three is the number of CERTAINTY. Three witnesses verified a testimony as being true.

God's Word is fascinating!!! The book,  Thrice Trumpeted Truths finds and identifies more than 100 of the Bible's intriguing triples. This is a book that will shine light into our darkened world.
Is there no other Bible study book like it?
We haven't found a book or a "look" even similar.(*)

This book is a great read:
    For the person who seldom studies the Bible,
    For the person who always studies the Bible,
    For the person who has NEVER studied the Bible.

You do not believe the Bible to be God inspired, preserved and/or reliable?
Thrice Trumpeted Truths, could change the whole perspective for anyone who will read its entire 140 pages and compare its conclusions to the Scriptures' actual statements.
It is a search and find identification of specific Truths that are trumpeted thrice; Truths that are CLEARLY spoken 3 times in a specifically unique form.
        Note:If there is a fourth, or ..., or seventh - it is not a triple).

It will spawn:
    curiosity for Bible exploring - then,
    intrigue - then,
    awe of God's written Word. (**)

Could this little book generate a whole new approach strategy for the reluctant Bible reader?

Did you know that there are seven sets of triples in Jesus' birth accounts?

This book (also in e-format) is written for the:
    group leader, or
    curious skeptic.

What did we find?
We found that triples seem to radiate from God's very being.
We found that a triple shows that God wants humankind to recognize the CERTAINTY of a specific truth.
We found that these triples can be no accident. Some are recorded in a single passage; some in a single book; but the most awesome finds were triples that begin in the Old Testament and are completed in the New Testament.

Creation’s triples are awesome. For example, a professor from a major university has identified more than 130 sets of triples in human anatomy (three layers of skin, etc.).

Thrice Trumpeted Truths can be used as a remarkable study tool.
The gospel  is clearly presented via triples. Also, major doctrines of the Bible are identified, somewhere in the Scriptures by a triple. That is amazing!!!
    It can be used as a tool for looking at foundational Bible doctrines.
    It can be used as a tool for developing a systematic Bible study.
    It can be used by the group leader who wants to be innovative in his/her planning.
    It can be used by the skeptic. It will help affirm the inspiration, inerrancy and preservation of the Scriptures.
    It can be used as a foundational group study - as an introduction to "first" studies.
    It can be used by pastors as a resource for synthetic studies.
    It can be used to view the awesomeness of God's completed revelation.
    It can be used as a spectacular gift to almost anyone!

Christmas is nearing!!!

Are you convinced of the Bible’s authenticity? Then you will be awe struck by the truths the biblical authors proclaimed by triples. Why triples? This study reaches the conclusion that triples emanate from God’s very triune being and that God is attempting to confirm a specific truth as a CERTAINTY.
A truth repeated as a triple, especially if over a 1000 year time span, should be convincing - even to the skeptic.
We found that most of the foundational teachings of the Scriptures are VERIFIED by a triple, including The Gospel, itself.

Included are numerous sets of triples that clearly trumpet truths concerning God's being, the creation, Jesus birth, ministry, trials, death and resurrection. Jesus' three prayers, three trials and the three mob demands: "Crucify Him" that lead to Pilate's triple "No Fault" pronouncements. What about three hours, three days and others that have not been mentioned in any books or publications that we have found? Some are absolutely amazing!!!

The book is a "search and find" view of more than 100 awesome triples that CLEARLY proclaim TRUTH as CERTAINTY!!!
The triples are fascinating with three sets in Genesis 1 and a final triple in Revelation 22.

      Our triple findings:
         (1) triples emanate from God's triune being.
         (2) a Truth, triply stated, confirms the certainty of that truth.
         (3) a triply stated truth proclaims, "The hearer is without excuse!"

Thrice Trumpeted Truths – CLEARLY spoken 3 times, is a search and find presentation of more than 100 of the Bible’s triples. These, and others can not be accidental. Some are so awesomely spectacular that the reader could well be induced into a deliberate decision as to the Bible’s authenticity – or be coerced into further investigation.

Even though the presentation is in a sequence, each section stands alone and can be used as a resource for a single topic.

The implications become incredible!!!

To order:
Thrice Trumpeted Truths


We found that Elihu’s perception became a key.

" For God speaketh once,
yea twice,
yet man preceiveth it not
(Job 33:14)

Does humankind need a triple, uniquely stated affirmation of a simple truth? We found that this is one of God’s methods to proclaim TRUTH with CERTAINTY.

Interestingly, we found that God's being of eternality is clearly stated three times - each as a triple. In fact, we found this truth to be revealed as a triple triple. (That's 9 clear trumpetings.)

The book is developed as a search and find adventure. For those of us who were searching, the finds were awesome.
These Truths include God's being, and attributes, His creative work (multiple triples), and His salvation plan. We were amazed to find the gospel's declaration is also proclaimed by triples.
There are more: seven sets related to Jesus' birth, seven sets relating to the authority that Jesus manifest during His ministry, multiple sets recording key events of His last day, including the three trials and His crucifixion.
Amazingly, we found that His triumphant resurrection is also recorded by triples.
Most already know this: the certainty of His return is trumpeted by His final triple proclamation,

"I come quickly."

Who is Jesus?

The Gospel

Thrice Trumpeted Truths

Here are 3 BEGINNING questions:

How did the energy of the universe originate?

How/when/where did life originate?

How can truth be found?


Serious comments are welcome.

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* Note:You may not believe what I found.

Months after publication of Thrice Trumpeted Truths and the posting of this website, a friend told me that he had recently discovered a previous book, (1973) by Herbert Lockyer, All the 3s of the Bible. So I ordered a copy and sure enough, Dr. Lockyer mentions several of the triples that I had found by diligent Bible study and computer searches. As I write this note, there are at least ten overlaps, but his purpose and mine do not overlap.
Herbert Lockyer, All the 3s of the Bible, Fleming H. Revell, 1973










































** Note: The reader can read any section and move to any other section. Each section stands alone but the format moves from who God is, to creation, to redemption's plan and a clear presentation of the gospel. All these foundational doctrines are clearly declaired by triples. We concluded that God wants us to clearly know His entire plan for humankind from creation to earth's finality.